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My cup runneth over !!!

I was just playing around with the Bullet Physics library and thought why not make a cool simulation video. So here’s the final result. PS: Probably creating this in Blender is simple but where is the fun in that. Plain … Continue reading

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Haptic Bullet Physics Demo

I have done lots of custom physics and haptics demos in the past using Nvidia Physx and Havok libraries. This is my haptic Bullet demo which uses Bullet v 2.76 and OpenHaptics v3.0 from SensAble technologies. Two “6DOF input / … Continue reading

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GLSL Bump mapping

Continuing on the quest to learn GLSL, here is another example to perform bump mapping on the GPU. Here is the screenshot: Here is a good link on how to perform bump mapping by altering the normal and by updating … Continue reading

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Hello OpenGL Shading Language

I have been using the OpenGL fixed pipeline for the past 7 years. I have graphics hardware that is almost arcane at the workplace. So I always tried to squeeze the best performance out of the old graphics cards as … Continue reading

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OpenGL Geodesic Sphere

A Geodesic sphere is created by the sub-division of a platonic solid called icosahedron. Prologue: I wanted to create a really nice looking sphere in OpenGL and searched the web for some pointers. All the links I came across talked … Continue reading

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