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Like violent gusts of wind the droughts that I have drunk have lifted me. Have I not drunk of Soma juice?

Got some new gadgets to play with !

1. My own personal 3D printer. I have been looking for one for a long time and finally found one that suits my needs. It is an UP 3D printer from PP3DP.   Above is a picture of one of … Continue reading

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A sneak peak from my upcoming venture!

I am working on a new game and I had to learn to do some modeling, rigging, posing of characters using Blender. So here is my first rendering of a model I made. I was going for a cartoon look. … Continue reading

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More Bullet soft bodies (with source code)

Just a simple example. It uses QT, Openhaptics , OpenGL and of course Bullet physics engine. Here is a video..The video is kinda slow because of the screen capture software frame rate. Sorry for that. Here is the src code … Continue reading

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Hail to the King Baby !!!

After 12 years of fu**ing development, finally Gearbox has taken up the Duke franchise and is releasing it. I still remember playing the awesome Duke Nukem 3d shooter way back in 1998 when it was released in India.  Aliens, Girls … Continue reading

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LEGAL IMMIGRATION in USA : An incompetent system !

Everyone likes to talk about illegal immigration in the USA, but nobody is willing to help legal immigrants who really contribute to the US economy. A legal immigrant contributes to federal / state tax, medicare and social security but still … Continue reading

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Simple Bullet Soft Body Simulation

A simple soft body simulation with Bullet Physics engine. The physics of a simple soft body sphere. Graphics rendered in OpenGL. Interaction using SensAble Desktop Haptic device and OpenHaptics toolkit. Widget rendered in QT.

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Haptic Symphony

Download source from here. The video says it all.

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