LEGAL IMMIGRATION in USA : An incompetent system !

Everyone likes to talk about illegal immigration in the USA, but nobody is willing to help legal immigrants who really contribute to the US economy. A legal immigrant contributes to federal / state tax, medicare and social security but still are put through so much trouble in terms of paperwork and beurocracy to get a permanent legal resident status. On the other hand, people who just cross the border from Mexico illegally are getting free green cards and citizenship. If US govt gave a green card to every legal immigrant who earned a sciece/tech degree from a US univ, about 70,000 highly trained professionals would have a chance to stay and build and innovate the US economy. This means more economic development , more jobs and more money to pay off the huge debt incurred by the US Govt.

Where has the American immigration system gone wrong? Is it not reformed because it is politically motivated ? It just makes me really angry when so many people and political parties talking about showing mercy and giving the illegal immigrants a chance to live in the USA while the legal immigrants who contribute so much to the American society are just ignored.

Maybe this will trigger some nationalism in the legal immigrants and make them return to their own country to serve it better.



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