Got some new gadgets to play with !

1. My own personal 3D printer. I have been looking for one for a long time and finally found one that suits my needs.

It is an UP 3D printer from PP3DP.


My shiny red UP 3D printer



Got this model from Thingiverse.

Above is a picture of one of the first prints made on my printer. It is a pair of owl figurines I found on Thingiverse.

2. I also got a cool Kinect 2 for windows. Its amazing what this technology can do.Have been working with this for sometime. Will post some sample programs I created using Kinect SDK later.You can also see my Novint Falcon and Phantom Omni haptic devices in the background.


My new Kinect 2 for Windows.

I want to accomplish a lot of crazy things with my new gadgets. Lets hope the technology God’s are in my favor.

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A sneak peak from my upcoming venture!

I am working on a new game and I had to learn to do some modeling, rigging, posing of characters using Blender. So here is my first rendering of a model I made. I was going for a cartoon look. Although I had immense trouble with rigging and posing my models, I was ale to get reasonable results. The rigging is not very detailed and so some artifacts can be found, especially around the finger areas of the character.
Anyway, to keep it short: here it is..and more cool stuff coming up shortly.

Click for full sized rendering.


Credits : Thanks to Blender cookie for its awesome tutorials.

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More Bullet soft bodies (with source code)

Just a simple example. It uses QT, Openhaptics , OpenGL and of course Bullet physics engine.

Here is a video..The video is kinda slow because of the screen capture software frame rate. Sorry for that.

Here is the src code : Source code Download

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Hail to the King Baby !!!

After 12 years of fu**ing development, finally Gearbox has taken up the Duke franchise and is releasing it. I still remember playing the awesome Duke Nukem 3d shooter way back in 1998 when it was released in India.  Aliens, Girls , awesome Duke rantings and loads and loads of guns.

Duke Rantings:

Here is the awesome Duke Nukem Forever trailer !

Here is a live demo!

Come get some!!!

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LEGAL IMMIGRATION in USA : An incompetent system !

Everyone likes to talk about illegal immigration in the USA, but nobody is willing to help legal immigrants who really contribute to the US economy. A legal immigrant contributes to federal / state tax, medicare and social security but still are put through so much trouble in terms of paperwork and beurocracy to get a permanent legal resident status. On the other hand, people who just cross the border from Mexico illegally are getting free green cards and citizenship. If US govt gave a green card to every legal immigrant who earned a sciece/tech degree from a US univ, about 70,000 highly trained professionals would have a chance to stay and build and innovate the US economy. This means more economic development , more jobs and more money to pay off the huge debt incurred by the US Govt.

Where has the American immigration system gone wrong? Is it not reformed because it is politically motivated ? It just makes me really angry when so many people and political parties talking about showing mercy and giving the illegal immigrants a chance to live in the USA while the legal immigrants who contribute so much to the American society are just ignored.

Maybe this will trigger some nationalism in the legal immigrants and make them return to their own country to serve it better.


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Simple Bullet Soft Body Simulation

A simple soft body simulation with Bullet Physics engine.
The physics of a simple soft body sphere.
Graphics rendered in OpenGL.
Interaction using SensAble Desktop Haptic device and OpenHaptics toolkit.
Widget rendered in QT.

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Haptic Symphony

Download source from here.

The video says it all.

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